On 02.26.19 the Wabash County Sheriff's Office received information that a juvenile had made a threat on the Wabash County Courthouse. The juvenile has just attended a court hearing and was upset at the outcome. The Sheriff's Office immediately notified the Court Security Officer of the situation. The Sheriff along with Officers from MCPD went to the juvenile’s residence and took that person into custody. The juvenile was taken before the judge and subsequently is now being held in the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center.

On January 24th, 2019, 47 year old James M. Kimmel of Keensburg was arrested for driving suspended and an active Wabash County warrant. During that arrest Kimmel was observed by Deputy Bogard tossing items out of the vehicle in the area of Highway 1 and E 700 Rd. around the railroad tracks. As Kimmel exited the vehicle a plastic bag containing a white substance (suspected methamphetamine) was found in the driver's seat. Kimmel was placed into custody and a subsequent K9 Free Air Narcotics search of the area of the railroad tracks revealed another similar packaged substance laying in the snow. Kimmel was transported to the Wabash county Jail where his bond was set at $2,000 cash. (the substance later field tested positive for methamphetamine)

Later that day a search warrant was issued for Kimmel's residence. Deputies executed that warrant which resulted in the finding of more suspected methamphetamine and a shotgun along with ammunition reloading supplies. Kimmel posted bond later that evening. On February 4th 2019 Kimmel was taken into custody on a Wabash County warrant charging use of property and possession of weapon by a felon. Kimmel remains in the Wabash County Jail on a $10,000 cash bond.

On 02.28.19 at approximately 8:35 p.m. Deputy Bogard conducted a vehicle stop on Highway 8 between Keensburg and Bellmont for a traffic violation, which left the Kimmel residence in Keensburg. During the vehicle stop Deputy Bogard deployed K9 Roy for a K9 Free Air Narcotics Sniff on the 2006 Dodge truck. K9 Roy gave a positive alert on the vehicle. A subsequent search of that vehicle ended in the seizure of 96 grams of crystal methamphetamine. The driver of the vehicle, 47 year old Steven "Todd" Taylor of West Salem was taken into custody. Taylor was transported to the Wabash County Jail where he was charged with Possession of Methamphetamine with the intent to deliver over 15 grams less than 100 grams. Mr. Taylor's bond was set at $200,000 or $20,000 cash and he remains in custody.

The Wabash County Sheriff's Office remains vigilant when it comes to the sale, distribution or use of methamphetamine in Wabash County.


FEBRUARY 27, 2019



On Monday, 56 year old Glen E. Howder of Lawrenceville Illinois was taken into custody on a Wabash County warrant. Howder was immediately extradited back to Wabash County by the Sheriff's Office. Howder is being held on a $500,000 or $50,000 cash bond charged with 4 counts. Count 1 of Child Pornography, count 2 Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse, count 3 Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse and count 4 Unauthorized Video Recording. The charges stem from an 18 month investigation conducted by the Wabash County Sheriff's Office covering Wabash and Edwards counties which also led to a warrant being issued out of Edwards County on Feb. 26th, 2019 charging Howder with 5 counts of Child Pornography. Howder's bond in the Edwards County case was set at $200,000 or $20,000 cash. Howder remains in the Wabash County Jail on a total bond of $70,000 cash.

The Wabash County Sheriff's Office was assisted in the case by the Wabash County State's Attorney's Office, Edwards County State's Attorney's Office, Illinois Attorney General's Office, Edwards County Sheriff, Illinois State Police Digital Crimes Unit, and the Guardian Center.


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