Inmate Mail


All Detainees/Arrestees are entitled to send and receive mail. Stamps and envelopes are available from the commissary. Detainees/Arrestees may mail an unlimited amount of letters.

Incoming mail shall be delivered to the Detainees/Arrestees on the day its delivered to the jail, if the Correctional Officer on duty has the appropriate time to thoroughly inspect the mail and log it. 

When sending mail to a Detainee/Arrestee, it must have a full return name and address clearly printed on the envelope (see sample envelope below).

Detainees/Arrestees will be allowed to hold 5 cards and 5 letters at any given time. Any extra letters will be placed in their property. Cards and letters can be exchanged from their property at the request of the detainee/arrestee.


Photographs may be received from family members. Detainees/Arrestees are permitted to have 5 photos at a time. Any extra photographs will be placed in their property. Any photographs that is considered to be obscene, depicts full or partial nudity or depicts a crime will be disposed of accordingly and will NOT be delivered to the detainee/arrestee. 


All monies received through the mail shall be applied to the detainee's/arrestee's commissary account, unless otherwise indicated. A receipt will be delivered to the detainee/arrestee once the balance has been applied. NOTE: It is requested that you not send cash through the mail. Money orders or cashier's checks made payable to the detainee/arrestee will only be accepted.

Contact Information

Wabash County Sheriff's Office
120 East 4th Street
Mt. Carmel, IL 62863
(618) 262-2706
Wabash County Jail
110 East 4th Street
Mt. Carmel, IL 62863
(618) 262-5531