For 2018 the Wabash County Sheriff's Office will be starting a new Emergency Contact Informational System (ECIS) we will keep on hand here at the Sheriff's Office. Do you have a family member with Alzheimer's, experiencing dementia, or other Special Need?

Soon we will have our ECIS available on our website as well at the Office. This sheet will consist of normal contact information along with family contacts and the reason for the need. We will also ask for a picture of your loved one.

This will allow our responder to be informed as much as possible when trying locate your loved one in the event he/she wanders away from your home, or is found wandering without being reported.

This idea was developed after Deputy Kimmel and I responded to a residence in the county where a person with dementia wandered away from home. We knew the person's name but that was it. With our ECIS we will be able to send this information to deputies in the field in real time. MCPD has also advised they will participate. Deputy Kimmel and I did locate that missing person a short time after he was reported, safe with minor cuts.

I am excited to bring yet another helpful tool to our community and our police officers. This service will be available starting Jan. 3rd, 2018.


**All information obtained is confidential and will only be used for Law Enforcement purposes.

-Sheriff J. Derek Morgan 

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