We have a NEW SCAM making it's way around to Wabash County residents. A resident received a call from a 642-676-1223 number and a male who identified himself as Kevin Brown with the US treasury grant department. The resident reported that the male stated that in December of 2016 they drew 1700 names of individuals who have paid their taxes on time, had not filed bankruptcy, had no trouble with the law, and has not been involved with drugs.The male informed her that she was going to be awarded $9,700.00 that she did not have to pay back. The male gave her a name and number, 315-294-0453 - April Jones, to call and verify the claim along with a "grant number" (CB589). The Sheriff's Office checked the phone number and found that it has been flagged as a scam from multiple sources.

We contacted "April Jones" whom had an out of country accent, with broken English. Ms. Jones became verbally abusive once she was asked if this call was a SCAM. When asked if she was with the U.S. Treasury Department she abruptly hung up the phone.

*****Don't be a victim, If it sounds too good to be true, It IS!*****

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